Florida Masters Championship 2019 Print
Wednesday, 03 April 2019 22:53

Starting on March 8th to the 10th, master sailors raced out of Palm Beach Sailing Club in
the 2019 championships.

By Katelyn Hiebert
Sailors from around the world are invited to sail in the ocean in Palm Beach Fl.
“One of the things that is really cool about PBSC is that we sail out in the ocean in
15mph winds. So that means we are sailing over four foot waves, which is actually a lot of fun to
do,” master sailor David Hiebert said.
The over all top three winners of the full rig division where Ernesto Rodriguez (21
points), Peter Shope (33 points) and David Hiebert (44 points). There where 42 boats racing full
Also, the over all Radial division top three winners where Paul Clifford (27 points),
Christine Neville (29 points) and Peter Seidenberg (34 points). There where 24 sailors racing in
this division.
While sailing over three days the sailors worked hard during the day, but at night they all
enjoyed dinner together at the center, which the hospitality committee provided.
At the end, all the sailors raced wonderfully and the regatta was a success.