Know about Free WSOP chips – How will you collect them?

24.12.2021 by No Comments

Many people love Elephant King pokies but a game of poker is appreciated too. World Series of Poker Free Chips, also known as WSOP, is the most popular high-stake poker tournament for international players. Originally, the players need to play the game in the Texas Hold’em format. Especially, professional poker players dream of taking part in WSOP competitions.

However, WSOP is also a brand, releasing different products for players. Due to the popularity of the event, it has now become a Facebook Game and WSOP App. Players can also download WSOP Social Poker, where they will play the game at different levels. Both novices and professional players enjoy the game in the app. Top-level poker tournaments have several buy-ins to attract players.

Chips play an important role in WSOP Social Poker games. To compete with each, players can use these chips. But, why do they love free chips? When they cannot win the game, it will not affect their bankroll.

Thus, you may also use free chips to play WSOP poker games. You will not feel disappointed when you cannot beat the rivals. The official WSOP app gives you multiple ways of grabbing free chips.

How will you collect free WSOP chips?

Take advantage of the WSOP app

Based on your Club (Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jacks), you will receive these free chips every 4 hours. You may win up to 54,000 in the Jacks Club.

Look for WSOP bonus codes

With the use of bonus codes, WSOP poker players have a chance of winning additional chips. It will surely make their bankrolls bigger.  Regular players may also win up to 300,000 chips by applying the valid bonus code. The offer is available for a limited period. Some bonus codes let you win up to 1 million chips.

The official WSOP Facebook Page

As you are looking for the free WSOP chips, you have to visit the official Facebook page and like it. The page also has the latest details on attractive offers, deals, and events. You can make the best use of the WSOP app.

You may also join the vibrant community of WSOP’s Facebook Lounge. In this community, you will learn about other poker players’ thoughts and strategies. You may also grow friendships with WSOP fans and gain some poker knowledge.

Invite friends and win chips

Poker is more interesting when you play with friends. Thus, you can invite players to use the app. You will also play the game at the poker table. Moreover, for every new player, you will win chips.

Receive gifts from others

Your intimate friends can send you free chips as gifts. But, your Club can make a difference in the number of chips. You cannot use more than 10800 chips in the Jacks Club.

You may also participate in the Poker Recall. Collect special cards to create a deck and select 5 cards. You will win free chips based on the value of the cards opened.

Thus, there are several ways of securing free WSOP chips. Poker enthusiasts can enjoy the game by using these free chips.